For over 30 years, the principals and staff members of Real Property Luxury Group (RPLG) have become associated with the most successful real estate brokers in the world. These friendships began with the creation of numerous magazine titles and corresponding websites, including Pinnacle, Open Country International, Residence, American Luxury Estates and Classic Properties International. RPLG is a brokerage, marketing and referral entity that, through the use of multiple media titles and websites, captures the attention of very wealthy buyers and sellers. Membership is exclusive.

Growth and Customer Diversification Strategy

RPLG has assembled a diverse set of clients who represent key luxury properties in targeted regions in the US and internationally. No one client contributes more than 3% to the Company’s total revenue. Every client receives regional exclusivity with RPLG. Therefore, should an agreement terminate within any given market, there are built-in customer redundancies in the form of the former client’s competition, who have seen the marketing advantages that RPLG membership brings to the table. Regional exclusivity also incentivizes RPLG’s current members to continue using the Company’s services year after year so that their competitors cannot usurp the benefits of a relationship with RPLG.

While granting regional exclusivity to its members, RPLG does not hesitate to partner with brokers involved in other membership programs or affiliate groups. Many of RPLG’s members are affiliated with Luxury Portfolio, Sotheby’s, Christie’s and other well-known and respected luxury organizations. Partnering with RPLG not only proves complementary and beneficial, it also provides a conduit to mutually beneficial relationships between RPLG and Christie’s or Sotheby’s partners in other regions.

The chart below illustrates RPLG’s projected exclusive regional membership levels based on the growth of membership in its existing media domestically and internationally. Many of the members reflected below will also be eligible for membership in RPLG’s new titles.


Projected RPLG Membership

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